The Crow - Wicked Prayer poster

The Crow: Wicked Prayer - film poster.

The Crow: Wicked Prayer is a 2005 third sequel to The Crow, preceded by The Crow: Salvation. The film was directed by Lance Mungia and the score was composed by Jamie Christopherson. The main cast for this film were Edward Furlong (Jimmy Cuervo), David Boreanaz (Death), Tara Reid (Lola Byrne), Marcus Chong (War), Tito Ortiz (Famine), Yuji Okumoto (Pestilence), Dennis Hopper (El Niño), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Lily), Danny Trejo (Harold), Dave Baez (Tanner) and Daymond John (Proud Foot Joe). Wicked Prayer was released straight-to-DVD.