Shelly Webster was the fiance of Eric Draven. Their wedding was supposed to be on Halloween, since it was their favorite holiday season. Sadly she was brutally murdered & raped by a gang led by T-Bird on Devil's Night the night before their wedding. Top Dollar said that Devil's Night was a party in which a lot of people start a lot of fires. When Eric walks in and sees what is going on, Tin Tin throws a knife into his spine paralyzing his legs. He could only watch them rape Shelly before being thrown out the window and onto the folks below. A year later Eric comes back for revenge. Both of them were friends with Sarah Mohr, who would come and spend time with them. After Eric killed Top Dollar and his gang he said goodbye to Sarah and went back to the realm of the dead to be with Shelly.In the Comic Shelly is the girlfriend of Eric he proposes to her while they were painting their room which she is very excited and happy about to celebrate they go to the beach for a day. However when it starts raining their car breaks down from water--induced engine trouble. Eric tries to fix it but when T-Bird and his gang offer help Eric declines, stating he can handle it. This enrages T-Bird. As they continue harrassing Shelly and Eric, they pull her out of the car and shoot her with guns. She later dies in the hospital of bullet-induced death.

In the film she is potrayed by Sofia Shinas.