Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Status Deceased
Relatives {{{family}}}
Quote Some people are just born victims.
Fate Slain by Ashe Corven by being thrown out a window.
Actor Thuy Trang

Kali was one of Judah Earl's minions and was directly responsible for the death of Danny Corven. She was an Asian-American sadist who fashioned herself as a bringer of "eternal life" to her victims through death.

Ashe Corven finds her in Sarah Mohr's apartment and they become ensued in a fight. During the fight, Ashe realizes that Kali was the one responsible for Danny's murder and becomes enraged, grabbing her by her arm and leg and tossing her when she attempts to flee up a flight of stairs, breaking her leg. Ashe then cradles her like a child and says a variation of the same thing she told Danny before shooting him ("Hush little baby don't say a word, daddy's gonna buy you a big black bird") before tossing her out of the window, killing her.

Trivia Edit

Final role for Thuy Trang who was killed in a car crash on September 3rd 2001.

Thuy Trang was also known to play Trini from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.