James O'Barr (born January 1, 1960, Detroit, Michigan) is the creator of The Crow comic book, which spawned

numerous spin-off comics, four feature films and a TV series. He also made a cameo appearance in the first film as a robber stealing a TV set from Gideon's pawn shop. His other notable achievement is creating a soundtrack album to The Crow. He served in the United States Marine Corps in West Germany. As a combat instructions illustrator.

The inspiration of The Crow was from two incidents. One was after losing his wife from a drunk driver and another was from a news article he read about a couple killed over a 20 dollar ring.

The book went unpublished for 7 years until caliber press decided to publish it.

O'Barr's own hope that his project would result in a personal catharsis went unfulfilled, he told an interviewer in 1994, saying, "[A]s I drew each page, it made me more self-destructive, if anything....There is pure anger on each page".[5] The Crow has sold more than 750,000 copies worldwide.