Funboy and Darla take notice of Sarah

Funboy was a morphine drug dealer, one of Shelly's rapists, one of Eric's killers and T-Bird's right-hand man.

While little is known about Funboy prior to the Rape and Murder of Shelly Webster and the Murder of Eric Draven. He is known to be the boyfriend of Darla Mohr, Sarah Mohr's mother. It was implied through the flashbacks that Funboy was taunting Shelly pre-rape. Specifcally asking if he has a gun in his pocket or if he's happy to see her. After Tin Tin knifes and restrains Eric, with Skank holding him by his other arm. Funboy and T-Bird took turns shooting him in the chest. They all then threw him out of his loft window finishing him off.

The next time he's shown is at a closed down arcade with the gang, who proceed to trash the place before blowing it up.

He is later hanging out at The Pit taking shots with T-Bird, Tin Tin and Skank as part of a drinking game where each swallows a bullet before taking the shot. The game then escalates to them all pulling guns and knives on each other, before they all triumphantly shout "FIRE IT UP!" Darla hands them more drinks, telling them to put their guns down.

Sarah shows up later on walking in on Funboy and Darla making out, asking whether or not she was coming home. To which Funboy rudely replies, she's busy and to go play with her dolls. To which she snarks back, that she doesn't have any. In an effort to get her away, Darla hands her some cash so she could buy food. To which Sarah responds "Somebody already bought me dinner, the police." A line Funboy later mocks when Sarah leaves.

After Sarah leaves the bar, Funboy and Darla go upstairs to his hotel room, to shoot morphine and have sex. The Crow flies in surprising Darla first. Funboy thinking it was just an ordinary bird tries to call it over, when Eric enters the window, scaring him with his guitar. Funboy demands Eric to leave at gunpoint, but Eric instead goads him into shooting him. Even putting his hand on the barrel to further dare him. Funboy remarks that Eric may need professional help before shooting his hand, cheering in the process. Eric fakes his pain before showing the wound scaring Funboy who in shock says "Jesus Christ" This inspires Eric to tell an off color joke about Jesus, while Funboy continues trying to shoot him. Eric, annoyed at the shots slaps Funboy's gun away, causing it to misfire and shoot him in the leg. Before passing out, Funboy seemed more concerned about his sheets covered in blood than getting shot, whilst Darla hides in bathroom..

Eric puts Funboy into the bathtub and turns on the shower, leaving the cold water running to wake him up.While he waited, Eric grabbed Darla and dragged her over to the mirror, he told Darla "Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children. Do you understand?". He squeezed Darla's arm, telling her that morphine is bad for her, and then let her go before taking her face in her hands. After he told her that her daughter (Sarah) "is out there on the streets, waiting for you", he let her go, and Darla ran out barefoot.

T-Bird's foreman, Grange, saw Darla run out of the bar he works in, and went to see what the commotion was all about, only to see Funboy dead with 7 needles stabbed in his chest. He also caught a glimpse of Eric who winked at him before fleeing through the open window.

While it wasn't shown onscreen, Grange mentioned to Top Dollar, that Funboy in his last dying breath described both Eric and The Crow before choking to death on his own blood.

Funboy is portrayed by Michael Massee in the film, and by Ty Olsson in the TV series. In the TV series, his real name is George Jamieson.

Trivia Edit

Michael Massee was involved in the shooting accident on the set of the movie that resulted in the death of Brandon Lee. Although he was in no way at fault, Massee was deeply distressed over the tragedy and after filming ended he went on a year-long hiatus from acting. Massee never saw the film.

Michael Massee passed away on October 26th, 2016, at the age of 61.

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