Fear and Bullets cover

Fear and Bullets album cover.

Fear and Bullets: The Soundtrack to the Graphic Novel The Crow is an album by Trust Obey, a musical collaboration between James O'Barr and his friend John Bergin. It was released in 1994 by Nothing Records with a limited hardcover edition of The Crow, to which it served as a soundtrack.

Fear and Bullets was re-released in 1999 by Invisible Records with most of the songs re-recorded or remixed. This release also included two new tracks and previously unreleased drawings by O'Barr.

Track listingEdit

  1. Lead Poisoning - 5:55
  2. Seven Blackbirds - 11:02 (Listen to a clip of this songfile info)
  3. A Murder of Crows - 1:36
  4. The Tides of Sin" - 9:19
  5. C17H19N03 - 1:53
  6. Fear and Bullets - 5:54
  7. Sleeping Angel (The Dreaming) - 6:56
  8. True Love Always - 4:18
  9. The Blessing of the Pig - 11:41
  10. The Crow - 9:07
  11. Now, Forever - 4:21

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