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Eric Draven
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Status Deceased
Relatives Brock J. Draven (adopted father)
Veronica Draven (adopted mother)
Chris Draven (adopted younger brother)
Shelly Webster (fiancée)
Black Feather (past life/fellow Crow)
Quote It can't rain all the time.
Fate Deceased
Actor Brandon Lee (The Crow)
Mark Dacascos (The Crow: Stairway to Heaven)

Eric Draven was a former heavy metal guitarist in the band Hangman's Joke. He was engaged to Shelly Webster, with their wedding due to be on Halloween. On the night before the holiday, known as Devil's Night, a gang led by T-Bird murdered both Shelley and Eric. Eric is resurrected by the crow one year later in order to exact revenge.

Eric was played by Brandon Lee in the first film and by Mark Dacascos in the TV series. He is based off of the character Eric in the graphic novel of the same name.

The Crow: Stairway to Heaven Edit

The show reveals much of Eric's life before becoming the Crow:

  • Eric is a native of Vietnam and was adopted by Lt. Col. Brock Draven and his pregnant wife Veronica when he was three. Brock later died in Vietnam but not before giving Eric his dog tags, which he later gave to his brother Chris.
  • Eric spent time in Juvenile Hall, taking the blame when his brother Chris stole money from their foster mother to buy comics.
  • Shelly first met Eric when she was taking pictures of his band; he stopped a man from harassing her.
  • Eric and Shelly once visited a fortune teller who showed their tarot cards. Eric picked the Lovers, while Shelly picked Death.
  • Eric and Chris became estranged when Chris stole one of Shelly's cameras.
  • Eric had served in the United States Marine Corps(similar to his character's inventor).
  • When he died, Eric was 28.

Powers Edit

  • As a reborn, Eric does not need to eat or sleep and is incapable of feeling physical pain. His supernatural strength and endurance allows him to overcome any adversary, even those that are otherwise untouchable.
  • He is also able to see through the eyes of the crow. Eric is superhumanly agile with cat-like reflexes and heightened senses, including night vision.
  • He is nearly invulnerable to harm due to his ability to quickly regenerate and cannot be harmed by conventional means. He is immune to sickness and decay. Eric seems to have the power to heal others to some extent (he purged the morphine in Darla Mohr's body simply by touching her).
  • There seems to be a limit to his healing ability, however. In the first film, Eric is seen with electrical tape on his arms, hands, and torso. In the movie, Eric was only supposed to use his powers to exact revenge on the four involved in his and Shelly's deaths. Supposedly, Funboy used the razor to cut Eric before being inevitably killed. Eric was temporarily unable to heal himself because he used his powers on somebody other than the four guilty criminals and used electrical tape to help with the wounds.
  • Eric has tactile telepathy and empathy, able to feel the emotions and see the memories of others by touching them. He can also absorb and store these memories and emotions to transfer into others, usually as a form of torture (he virtually kills Top Dollar in the first film by making him feel thirty hours of Shelly's pain). He can also transfer his own emotions.

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