Darla Mohr
Anna Thompson as Darla
Gender Female
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Status Alive
Relatives Sarah (daughter)
Quote “Oh, it wasn’t drugs. Someone kind of... woke me up.”
Fate Cleans up her act and reconciles with Sarah after being given a lecture by Eric
Actor Anna Levine (credited as Anna Thompson)

Darla Mohr was the mother of Sarah in The Crow. She was played by Anna Levine in the 1994 film adaptation.

The CrowEdit

Darla was first seen making out with her boyfriend Funboy at the bar when her daughter interrupts them.

Later, Darla is seen getting high on morphine with Funboy in an upstairs room of a motel called The Pit.

After running into the bathroom and closing the door behind her, Darla is seen weeping a little while crouching behind the door, and then behind the toilet after Eric opens the door. After placing Funboy in the bathtub and turning on the shower, Eric turned to see Darla, and then walked over to her. Darla began panicking and struck with a razor at Eric, who dodged her attacks.

After disarming Darla of the weapon, he grabbed Darla and dragged her over to the mirror, grabbing one of her arms while placing his free hand on her forehead, calming her down a little. Eric told Darla “Look. Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children. Do you understand?” Squeezing Darla’s arm, he added that morphine was bad for her, and then let her go before taking her face in her hands. After he told her that her daughter (Sarah) “is out there on the streets, waiting for you”, he let her go, and Darla ran out barefoot.

Finally, Darla is seen in the kitchen when Sarah wakes up. Although Sarah was initially skeptical of her mother’s sudden change of heart, she realizes that Darla’s efforts at changing herself for the better were real when Darla finally confesses that she never was very good at being a mother. Sarah begins to call her “Mom” instead of her first name (like she used to).