This category lists all the comics based on The Crow universe.

  • The Crow (Tundra, and later Kitchen Sink Press)
  • The Crow: Dead Time (Kitchen Sink Press)
  • The Crow: Flesh and Blood (Kitchen Sink Press)
  • The Crow: City Of Angels (Kitchen Sink Press. A Comic book adaptation of the film)
  • The Crow: Wild Justice (Kitchen Sink Press)
  • The Crow: Waking Nightmares (Kitchen Sink Press)
  • The Crow: #0  (Kitchen Sink Press one-shot)
  • The Crow: Demon in Disguise (The never-published series advertised in Waking Nightmares #4 and The Crow #0. Kitchen Sink Press)
  • The Crow/Razor: Kill the Pain (crossover published by Top Dollar/London Night)
  • The Crow (Image Comics)

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