Welcome to The Crow Wiki! Here are a few things you need to know before you contribute to this project - please read them carefully!

  • The admin always has the last say and his decisions are final. However if you disagree with something or have a better idea, feel free to use the admin's talk page to present your opinions - they will be taken into consideration and decided upon.
  • To keep the language of the articles consistent, it is the admin's decision to use British English as the primary language of the English part of this wiki. Of course there won't be any penalties for writing articles in American or Australian English - just don't be surprised if your article gets edited into British. However, reverting such changes will be considered vandalism and may even result in a ban. Quotations and titles do not fall under this rule and should be presented in their original form.
  • When writing articles don't simply copy and paste texts from other sources - instead try to be creative and write with your own words. The goal of this Wiki is to be a source of knowledge dedicated to The Crow, not just a collection of what has already been said and written elsewhere.
  • Uploading images - the images you upload shouldn't be too big in size and resolution. The maximum allowed resolution (both horizontal and vertical) is 450 pixels; the file size should be kept as low as possible and not bigger than 512 kB. The allowed file types are JPEG, GIF (including animated GIFs), PNG and SVN (vector graphics). Try saving your image in different formats and with different quality settings to make it smaller in size while still retaining a decent quality.
  • Uploading audio clips - to upload audio clips, use Template:Audio. The uploaded files must be OGG Vorbis, up to 512 kB in size and no longer than 45 seconds. Bear in mind, however, that these 45 seconds must be no more than 50% of the original track - therefore, if a song is e.g. 1 minute long, the clip must be up to 30 seconds. It is also a good idea to add fade-ins/fade-outs to smooth the cropping of the audio file.

These rules may - and most likely will - be changed and/or expanded as The Crow Wiki grows.

Your ever friendly,