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Ashe Corven


Mechanic and body shop owner
Deceased (temporarily reborn by the Crow)
Danny Corven (Son, deceased) Unknown Ex-Wife
Base of Operation
Los Angeles, California
Vincent Perez

Ashe Corven is the protagonist of The Crow: City of Angels. He was a mechanic and body shop owner who lived with his son, Danny. He and his son where killed by a gang. To seek vengence for his son's death, Ashe was resurrected by the Crow.


After witnessing the murder of a man by a drug gang, body shop owner and magician Ashe Corven and his son Danny are murdered to silence them and thrown off the pier. Brought back from a watery grave by the crow, Ashe is helped to understand his mission of vengeance by Sarah Mohr, a friend of Eric Draven and provides him with facial make-up. Sarah thinks that she and Ashe should fall in love, but Ashe refused because he already knew that his mission on Earth is to seek revenge, not romance or marriage. Ashe first kills Spider-Monkey in a warehouse by setting off flammable chemicals, blowing the building apart .Ashe then kills Nemo, who is later discovered with his eyes missing and a paper crow in his mouth. The leader of the gang, Judah Earl, discovers how to sever Ashe's connection to his avain guide, then has Sarah captured to draw Ashe to him and steal his power. Ashe goes to Sarah's apartment to find her missing and Kali waiting for him. The two battle until Ashe throws her out the window, killing her in the street. Ashe pursues Judah's right hand man, Curve in a motorcycle chase and shoots Curve's motorcycle and it blows up, throwing Curve off and Ashe drags Curve into the nearby river as he floats dying. Ashe then goes to Judah's lair to kill him and save Sarah. But Judah captures the crow and kills it, drinking it's blood and leaving Ashe vulnerable. Judah beats up Ashe, hangs and whips him. Sarah comes to Ashes aid by stabbing Judah's forehead, lowering Ashe to the ground and unties him. But Judah pulls the knife out and stabs Sarah in the stomach. Ashe impales Judah on a metal but has no affect. Then Ashe calls upon a number of crows that are flying above and swarm down and kill Judah. Sarah then dies in Ashe's arms and he carries her body to the church before returning to death.


  • Invulnerability - Ashe feels no pain and heals wounds in seconds, so long as they are caused in his search for vengeance. Injuries taken when he diverts from this path do not automatically heal.
  • Sensory Synchronization - He can see though the eyes of his guide, the Crow.
  • Tactile-Empathy - He has psychometric abilities, allowing him to feel pain and other sensations from past experience by the slightest touch of an object.
  • Superhuman Strength - He is stronger than he was when he was alive, able to overcome any physical opponent.
  • Superhuman Speed - He appears to be faster and more agile than normals humans, and knows some variety of martial arts.


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